How To Make Best Use Of Time Lapse Video

How to make the best use of your long-term time-lapse video when completed

The uniqueness about time-lapse photography is that it captures a whole event over time from start to finish and delivers it in a short video to engage your audience. Polish it with background music, branding and some dynamic text to tell a story and it becomes a resource to be utilised in many ways:

  • A marketing and promotional tool – for a media release, to pitch to a prospective client, place on your website portfolio and use on social media channels. This will:
    • add PR value to your business or organisation
    • encourage community engagement
    • assist business development by highlighting capabilities and efficiencies
  • Use internally within your organisation to promote unity and achievement and distribute to key stakeholders to celebrate the project’s success.
  • Use the footage to create other media:
    • use sections of it to incorporate into other media including interviews, ground and aerial footage to produce a comprehensive perspective of the project or event .
    • use for internal collaboration and for content in training videos to improve systems and educate staff.
  • The video is a record of key milestones achieved throughout the project or event – gives you an exact timeline for historical reference and as a legacy to the company & community
  • Share with Stakeholders & investment partners – an impressive way to provide key stakeholders with a visual depiction of the entire project so they are able to see firsthand the progress and status of the project
  • Showcase at launch or client events – wow factor at your launch or sales event
  • To market the development or finished project to potential buyers – sales & marketing teams can use as a tool to sell the product before it is finished being built
  • In email marketing to prospects – use in marketing emails to tease potential buyers or clients
  • Video marketing campaigns on YouTube or Facebook – share on video platforms to generate interest outside your existing network or community

Time-lapse is a wow factor that sales & marketing teams have as an asset. One that is worth the investment as the end product can be used in many different ways.

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