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At Aerial View Photography, we specialise in transforming the passage of time into captivating visual narratives. Our construction and event time-lapse photography services are designed to provide you with a unique perspective, allowing you to witness the evolution of projects and events in a visually stunning and compelling manner.


We look after everything so you can concentrate on managing your project or event. A typical process is as follows:


online gallery for time-lapse photos

On-line Gallery

Instantly access your private gallery, via secure login, to view and download project photos anytime, anywhere, on any device.

High Res Time Lapse Photography Sunshine Coast Brisbane

Hi-Res Photos

High quality DSLR cameras capturing up to 24Mp images to ensure exceptional results for your media requirements.

4G/5G Connectivity

4G/5G Connectivity

State-of-the-art intervalometer enables seamless capture and uploading of photos, remote monitoring and configuration of the system. Status alerts provide up-to-date feedback to ensure continuous system operation, resulting in little or no downtime.

Time Lapse Camera On Pole

Time-lapse System

Fully self-contained unit with Hi-res camera, smart controller/intervalometer and lithiumion battery all contained in a IP-66 weather-proof housing. Battery kept charged by solar panel or 240V mains power as required.

Time Lapse Video Post Production

Post Production

• Highly trained editors using the latest software suites to ensure the final product is engaging and of the highest quality
• All photos screened with non-productive days culled
• Footage stabilisation and de-flickering carried out to achieve an optimum viewing experience


Our clients receive a lot of value and benefits from utilising time-lapse photography in their projects.
Here are just a few reasons why.


  • Access hi-res images in real time on any device

  • Monitor the site remotely anywhere at any time

  • Save time and money on repeat site visits

  • Download photos for progress reports

  • Document history of site activity

  • Ability to share updates with stakeholders easily


  • Increase visibility of project for duration of build

  • Build excitement throughout the project

  • Ability to share images easily on social media

  • Stay ahead of your peers with progressive media content

  • Use photos & video in media releases & paid marketing campaigns


Capturing Progress, Frame by Frame

Watch your construction projects come to life through our expertly crafted time-lapse sequences. From groundbreaking to completion, our time-lapse photography preserves every moment, showcasing the intricate details of your construction journey. Whether it’s a commercial development, infrastructure project, or residential build, our team is dedicated to documenting your progress with precision and creativity.


  • Comprehensive Coverage: We strategically place cameras to cover key angles, ensuring a comprehensive view of your construction site.

  • High-Quality Imaging: Our state-of-the-art cameras capture high-resolution images, providing clear and detailed visual of the construction process.

  • Regular Updates: Stay informed with regular updates and access to the evolving time-lapse footage, via our secure online portal, allowing you to monitor the project’s progress remotely.

  • Dynamic On-line Portal: Your personal dashboard with key features to manage your project. View, download and share images as they are taken; select past images of a specific date and/or time quickly; use the compare tool to select images from different stages of construction to track progress.

Time Lapse camera mounted on pole, on site Sunshine Coast


Time Lapse Photography Events Sunshine Coast


Reliving Moments, Frame by Frame

Preserve the magic of your events with our event time-lapse photography services. From large-scale conferences and music festivals to smaller intimate gatherings, we specialise in capturing the essence of your event in a condensed, visually dynamic format. Our time-lapse sequences highlight the energy, emotion, and unique moments that make your event truly special.


  • Dynamic Coverage: We intentionally position cameras to capture the energy and movement of your event, ensuring a dynamic and engaging time-lapse sequence.

  • Emotional Storytelling: Our team excels in capturing the emotional nuances of your event, creating a visual story that resonates with your audience.

  • Shareable Content: Leverage the power of time-lapse videos for social media and promotional purposes, creating shareable content that extends the lifespan of your event.



How does payment work for a long term project?2024-04-12T15:38:54+10:00

The following fees cover most engagements:

  1. Initial fee for equipment installation and set up of on-line gallery
  2. Camera hire/service fee, invoiced monthly
  3. Post production editing fee for creation of time-lapse video on completion

Additional works at the clients request during the course of the project will be charged accordingly.

What media quality can I expect?2024-04-12T15:38:17+10:00

We use Nikon and Cannon DSLR cameras capturing hi-res images up to 24MP. Wide angle lenses are also used for maximum field of view. This provides us a lot of scope to produce media in 1080HD or 4K as well as create engaging videos with dynamic movement. And to ensure the final product is engaging and of the highest quality our video production services include screening of all photos, with non productive days culled, and a process of footage stabilisation and de-flickering is carried out to achieve an optimum viewing experience.

How is the time-lapse camera installed?2024-04-12T15:37:43+10:00

We work with you to determine the best location for the camera unit to achieve the best outcomes. This includes determining what existing mounting infrastructure is suitable or what might be required, whether it be utilising existing facilities (buildings, balconies, poles etc.) or if we need to bring a pole or scaffold tower in etc. There is a solution to suit most applications.

Do I need to provide power?2024-04-12T15:37:06+10:00

Our time-lapse systems run off solar or 240V mains power. If its an outdoor project or event, a solar panel will be used to keep the internal battery topped up and is included in the price of the system (unless 24hr image capture, at low interval rates is required where alternative power options may need to be considered). If we are setting up indoors then we will require access to a 240v power outlet within close proximity to the camera unit or within a distance that can be reached by a standard length power cord.

How are the images stored to protect my investment?2024-04-12T15:36:17+10:00

Firstly, images are stored locally to an onboard SD card or SSD device. In addition, images are instantly uploaded to an on-line gallery, stored in the cloud as well as on an external hard drive. Due to network congestion or other factors, occasionally an image may not get uploaded when it is taken, however during the end of day upload sequence the system scans the SD card for any photos that haven’t been uploaded during the day and uploads them.

How do I know the camera system is working?2024-04-12T15:35:39+10:00

You will be able to view images via an on-line gallery as they are taken. We manage the entire operation of the time-lapse camera system . We receive regular status updates, via the phone network, of image capture, battery voltage, storage capacity, unit temperature etc. to ensure the system is running appropriately and photos are being taken. In additional, the system will send us alerts via email and SMS if anything isn’t working as it should so we can act promptly to rectify any issues. We are also able to communicate remotely with the system to make any configuration adjustments, to the image capture regime, as required.

My event is in the evening, can time-lapse images be taken at night?2024-04-12T15:34:55+10:00

Yes, we can capture images at night providing there is adequate light. Transitioning from day to night is also seamless with the camera settings we use. You can view some examples of this from our time-lapse gallery or contact us to find out more.

Can I view the images as they are taken?2024-04-12T15:33:01+10:00

Yes, we provide you a secure login to an on-line gallery where you can view, download and share on social channels images as they are taken.

How long can time-lapse footage be captured for?2024-04-12T15:31:44+10:00

Indefinitely, our time-lapse systems are fully self-sustaining, connected to a solar panel or 240V mains power, and can capture a project or event over weeks, months and even years.

Time Lapse Photos Construction Site Sunshine Coast
Time Lapse Photos Construction Site Sunshine Coast
Time Lapse Photos Construction Site Sunshine Coast



Experience the transformative power of time-lapse photography with Aerial View Photography. Contact us today to discuss how our services can add a visually compelling dimension to your construction projects and events.

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