How does time-lapse photography actually work?

Time-lapse photography is a dynamic way of capturing a project or event, over a period of time and condensing the footage into a short video that can be used as an effective marketing tool. The time-lapse process involves capturing many individual images taken at regular intervals over a period of time and compiling them into an engaging time-lapse video. Normal video is also made up of single images as well, filmed at say 25 frames/sec or higher. But when played back at that rate it appears to the human eye to be continuous motion. With time-lapse photography, the capture rate[...]

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6 Key Factors To Consider When Looking For A Time-Lapse Photography Expert

Time-lapse photography allows you to bring your project to life in a visual way. There are many different aspects and styles to photography, shooting conditions and various types of equipment required to deliver specific outcomes.

How to make the best use of your long-term time-lapse video when completed

The uniqueness about time-lapse photography is that it captures a whole event over time from start to finish and delivers it in a short video to engage your audience. Polish it with background music, branding and some dynamic text to tell a story and it becomes a resource to be utilised in many ways:

5 Common Misconceptions About Long Term Time-lapse Photography

When it comes to time-lapse photography there are a number of misconceptions that should be clarified before embarking on a time-lapse style project. Here are 5 things you might not have known about time-lapse.

Understanding The Tech Around Long Term Time-lapse: Let’s Break It Down For You

When you think of photography most people’s thoughts are around the use of a single camera. However professional long-term time-lapse photography requires the use of a number of hi-tech components, including hardware and software, that make up a whole system seamlessly working together to achieve desired outcomes.

IES Mural Time-lapse Video

Landmark Place in Spring Hill, Brisbane is living up to its name with its new facade. A mural collaboration by Australian artist Matt Adnate and Chinese artist Sheep Chen celebrating the multicultural identity of IES College. Been given the privilege to create a time-lapse video of the amazing artwork, it was a pleasure to work with IES staff and neighbouring property owners, allowing us access to mount our camera.

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