Time-lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography is a dynamic way of capturing a project or event, over a period of time, and condensing the footage into a short video that can be used as an effective marketing tool. It enables you to tell the story of a project that lasts days, months or even years, by presenting it to an audience in a captivating short video of only a few minutes.


What Can Time-lapse Be Used For

Time-lapse photography can be used on a wide range of applications – construction, events, media, just to name a few. Want to get some ideas and inspiration? Look below or visit our Gallery for more completed projects HERE

The Process

We look after everything so you can concentrate on managing your project or event. A typical process is as follows:

                • We work with you to formalise desired outcomes.
                • Plan the project, advise desirable camera locations and equipment.
                • Install, maintain and monitor your on-site camera systems.
                • Establish your own personal on-line gallery to instantly view and share photos as they are taken.
                • Incorporate drone aerial photography/videography as required to enhance your project.
                • Action post production editing services to create engaging time-lapse videos.


The Benefits

Our clients receive a lot of value and benefits from utilising time-lapse photography in their projects. Here are just a few reasons why.