Time-Lapse Photography Gold Coast


Saltwater Residences – Time-lapse Photography Case Study


About the Client:

Name:  Chloel Group       www.chloelgroup.com.au

Industry and Focus:

Chloel Group is a boutique lifestyle oriented property development company with a diversified portfolio of quality residential, commercial and childcare developments servicing a range of local and national clients.


Identifying the Need For The Time-lapse Project:

In continuing to strive to deliver lasting value for their clients and increase the level of their development services Chloel Group identified the need to further enhance their marketing and project management resources in the following ways.

  1. To effectively promote their capabilities and passion in the delivery of development services by creating impactful marketing videos of their construction process from start to finish.
  2. To implement cutting edge technologies to enable them to exceed their client and investor expectations in commitment to:
  • Efficient planning and management of their specialised work.
  • Detailed and complete reporting.
  • Maintaining stakeholder engagement along every step of the project.

Expected outcomes:

To increase Chloel Group’s brand awareness as a leader in the industry and enhance the client and investor experience by improving project management efficiencies to ensure projects continue to be delivered on time and on budget.

Why was Aerial View Photography chosen?

After providing aerial photography and videography services on a number of Chloel Group developments with pleasing results the company’s Managing Director contacted us to see if we were able to assist in implementing the resources they were seeking.


The Time-lapse Photography Solution:

How was the challenge approached?

Although time-lapse photography was not new to us, compiling media over a long period of time, 9 months in this case, was. Always keen to take on a new challenge our approach was with enthusiasm and diligence as we not only had to meet our client’s expectations but we had to satisfy ourselves that we were up to the task and could produce the desired outcomes to a high standard.

What did we need to investigate?

  • Suitable camera equipment – robust, hi-res photos.
  • A method of uploading photos to a web gallery for client and stakeholder viewing
  • Power supply – battery and solar
  • Weatherproof housing for camera and electronics
  • Mounting infrastructure – poles, existing structures
  • Software to process thousands of photos and create high quality time-lapse videos

What was the solution?

A state of the art, fully integrated, self-sustaining time lapse camera system, developed in Australian specifically for long term applications.

The Equipment:

  • Hi quality DSLR camera and lens suitable for long term time-lapse photography.
  • Hi-Tec intervalometer for controlling camera operation and uploading photos to the web gallery.
  • IP-66 weatherproof housing to keep equipment safe from the elements with lithium-ion battery charged by solar panel.

The Management Resource:

A dynamic online gallery, personalised for Chloel Group where:

  • Access is protected via a secure login for use by key stakeholders.
  • Photos can be viewed, downloaded and shared instantly as they are taken.

What was the timeline?

Our equipment can generally be installed within 1-2 weeks from receiving the go ahead, dependent on the mounting infrastructure. In this case, there were no existing structures to mount the camera system to, so a pole was required with a lead in time of approximately 6 weeks. This is an important consideration when planning a project to ensure equipment is on site for when construction starts.


The Results:

Chloel Group’s objectives were met through the implementation of a user friendly and effective resource to assist with managing their projects as well as engaging with their prospective clients with high quality promotional videos.

Immediate benefits:

  • Remote monitoring of their projects, anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Instant access to construction photos for progress reports and social media sharing.
  • Keep clients and other key stakeholders up to date with current developments of the project.
  • Keep financiers happy with real-time updates that key milestones are being met.
  • Improved collaboration between interested parties.

Long term benefits:

  • Save time and money with improved efficiencies of their project management resources.
  • Marketing – thousands of hi-res photos and dynamic HD time-lapse videos to engage their audience.

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