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Aerial View Photography are the Sunshine Coast Commercial Time-Lapse Photographers. We specialise in time-lapse photography for projects that last months or years and events that run just a few days or even a couple of weeks.

We provide our own time-lapse equipment and our custom process allows us to provide a high quality end product.

The benefits of engaging time-lapse services encompass marketing, project management, stakeholder reporting & liability protection.

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Maroochydore City Centre – Time-Lapse Photography Case Study


About the Client:

Name:  SunCentral Maroochydore Pty Ltd       www.maroochydore-city.com.au

SunCentral Maroochydore Pty Ltd was established by the Sunshine Coast Council in early 2015 to oversee the design of delivery of the new Maroochydore City Centre.


Identifying the Need For The Time-lapse Project:

The 53-hectare greenfield site (previously Horton Park Golf Course) in the heart of Maroochydore is being transformed into a Central Business District for the 21st Century, the largest developments seen on the Sunshine Coast. In realising the significance of the project, we contacted SunCentral Maroochydore to offer our specialised services in long term time-lapse photography to enhance their project management and promotional resources, enabling them to:

  1. effectively document the roll-out of new infrastructure under construction throughout the site.
  2. promote the progress of the development both internally and externally to key stakeholders.
  3. implement cutting edge technologies to complement existing project management resources to ensure:
  • detailed and accurate content for progress reports.
  • stakeholder engagement along every step of the project.

Expected outcomes:

To implement a simple to use on-line platform that would provide hi-quality construction photos in real-time and dynamic time-lapse videos to assist with effectively managing and promoting the progress of the development.

Why was Aerial View Photography Chosen?

After contacting and meeting with SunCentral Maroochydore, the benefits of long term time-lapse photography became apparent. Their commitment to support local business and our ability to deliver on desired outcomes lead to our company’s engagement.


The Time-Lapse Photography Solution:

How was the challenge approached?

Due to the scale of the project, and being developed over many years, it was important to meet with key personnel and work through the staging, camera locations, desired outcomes and budget. Understanding the client’s requirements was paramount in selection of the right camera equipment to achieve desired outcomes to a high standard.

What was the solution?

Our state of the art, fully integrated, self-sustaining time-lapse camera systems, developed in Australian specifically for long term applications. The system uses cutting-edge technologies, is robust and reliable. Backup and support services from the hardware and software developer, for any operational issues, was essential in ensuring continuity of service delivery.

The Equipment:

  • Hi quality DSLR camera and wide angle lens to capture required field of view.
  • Hi-Tec intervalometer for controlling camera operation and uploading photos to the web gallery.
  • IP-66 weatherproof housing to keep equipment safe from the elements with lithium-ion battery charged by a solar panel.

The Management Resource:

A dynamic personalised online gallery where:

  • access is protected via a secure login for use by key stakeholders.
  • photos can be viewed, downloaded and shared instantly as they are taken.

What was the timeline?

The equipment is readily available and in most cases, can be installed within 1-2 weeks from receiving the go ahead. However, this is dependent on the mounting infrastructure. In this case, two existing poles, 8m high, were identified as suitable for mounting the cameras to, one to capture major intersection works and one to capture the internal works. Therefore, the systems were able to be installed in a short timeframe. This is an important consideration when planning a project as the lead in time to deploy a camera can extend out to 6-8 weeks if no existing infrastructure is available to mount to, and a pole for example needs to be supplied.


The Results:

SunCentral Maroochydore’s objectives are being met through the implementation of a user friendly and effective resource to assist with the construction management of their project as well as engaging with the public and key stakeholders with high quality promotional media.

Immediate benefits:

  • Remote monitoring of their project, anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Instant access to construction photos for progress reports and social media sharing.
  • Keep key stakeholders up to date with current developments of the project.
  • Improved collaboration between interested parties.

Long term benefits:

  • Improved efficiencies of project management resources over the course of the project save time and money.
  • Promotion – thousands of hi-res photos and dynamic HD time-lapse videos to engage their audience.

“The high-quality web gallery photos and time-lapse video by Aerial View Photography on the Aerodrome Rd intersection project was well composed and was of great benefit to council to present the progression of works to date. An integrated, artful mix of day and nightwork time lapse video that was presented with project statistics allowed council to present a great visual insight of the project for our key stakeholders.”      Ryan Butler – Project Manager, Sunshine Coast Council

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