Maroochydore Aerial Photography

Aerial-View-Photo-MaroochydoreAt Aerial View Photography, we are specialists in airborne videography and photography. We bring a high tech edge to the business, making use of the latest in RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) technologies. Also known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or more commonly known to most people as drones.

Aerial View Photography makes its home on the delightful Sunshine Coast, located in Queensland. We conduct operations over a large area, starting from Caloundra in the south, north from Maroochydore to Noosa, and stretching westward to the Hinterland and towns around Maleny.

Also serving our customers north of Greater Brisbane, Bribe Island, and even Gympie. In addition to this, we are committed to making allowances for clients who may live outside our traditional service areas. As such, we encourage customers to contact us to discuss their specific locations and needs.


Aerial photography can provide a host of benefits in many different contexts. Perhaps your business needs a more effective marketing tool.

Perhaps property owners need to capture an image of their home from a more engaging angle.

Maybe your construction company needs to do detailed visual investigations, or create a visual portfolio.

In these and many more situations and industries, aerial photography perfectly fits the bill, delivering incredible visual images and perspectives that just cannot be created through any other method.


At Aerial View Photography, we believe in conducting ourselves according to some simple and universally held values. These include integrity, honesty, and courtesy. We take our reputation seriously, and stand ready to go above and beyond for each customer.

Our company is fully accredited by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, CASA. We also offer full public liability insurance, something only licensed companies such as ours can obtain. Prospective customers can therefore rest assured that they are collaborating with only the most professional and highly skilled operators.

Founded by Tony Ford, who is the Director and also Chief UAV Controller, Aerial View Photography also employs suitably qualified staff that assists with flight operations and photographic and video editing.


For individual or direct clients, we provide start to finish assistance with your project. This includes helping with planning, footage capture, and any post production editing that is desired or necessary. This can include valuable additions to video such as voice overs, logos, music inlays etc.

For professionals that work in the industry, we are proud to offer technical support, and have the capability to enhance your business by providing raw-footage that can be edited together with your work providing an outstanding overall ground and air product for your customers.

We adhere to professional standards at all times, and have put detailed checklists and procedures in place to guarantee safety as well as privacy.

These include but are by no means limited to:

  1. Risk and Job Safety Assessments on all operations.
  2. Informing local and aviation authorities and adjoining property owners where required to seek all necessary approvals.
  3. Use of signage during the operation.
  4. Ground personnel assisting the Flight Controller with visual observations and operational safety.

Every customer’s requirements and every project is unique and therefore the price of each undertaking will similarly be different. Therefore, we encourage all prospective customers to take advantage of our free and no-obligation quotation service.


Aerial View Photography Pty Ltd, as well as our personnel, hold the following certificates:

* UAV Operator’s Certificate

* UAV Controller Certificate

* Aircraft Radiotelephone Operator Certificate of Proficiency

(Please note that CASA regulations make it illegal to operate an RPA commercially without certification. As such, unlicensed operators or businesses conducting illegal operations face litigation. They would also be unable to obtain the required public liability insurance).


Maroochydore is the beating heart of the Sunshine Coast, an ideal location situated at the intersection between the calm waters of the Maroochy River and the ocean with it’s popular surf beaches.

Maroochydore caters for a perfect blend of business and tourism making it the perfect seaside destination for residents and visitors alike. Fine dining, shopping, swimming and surfing, boating and fishing, world class golf courses, Maroochydore is the place to be for those who crave an active outdoor way of live.

Aerial photography & video is unique in its ability to capture the beauty that is native to this magical area.


We would be delighted to hear from you for a question, feedback, or to obtain a free quotation. Simply contact us using any of the forms provided, and we will soon be in touch.

Simply use the form below to get in touch with us or call us on 1300 857 512.