Caloundra Aerial Photography

CaloundraAerial View Photography’s services specialise in aerial photography and videography using high tech remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or more commonly known by the general public as drones.

We are based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland and operate throughout this region which stretches from Caloundra to the south, Noosa to the North and Maleny and Hinterland to the west. We also take in surround areas north of Brisbane, Bribe Island and up to Gympie. We are happy to consider areas beyond these boundaries based on individual requirements. Please contact us to discuss your exact needs.

Whether creating that marketing edge for your business, capturing that stunning view of your property or creating a progressive portfolio of your construction project, aerial photography and videography can create that impressive visual image or perspective that can’t be achieved any other way. Whatever your industry we have the tools, knowledge and expertise to assist and work with you to produce your desired outcomes.

Aerial View Photography Pty Ltd is fully licensed and accredited with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), so you can be assured you are partnering with a group of highly skilled professionals. We carry full public liability insurance which only licensed operators can obtain.

Our values are simply, work with courtesy, honesty and integrity. Our aim, for a reputation that precedes everything else.

Aerial View Photography was established by Tony Ford who is the company’s Director and Chief UAV Controller. The company also employs a number of talented people that assists Tony in flight operations and post production editing.

What’s Included In The Service

For our direct customers we provide a complete service, from planning the project with you, to full image capture and post production editing of photos and video. For video this can include background music, voice-over and the inclusion of media/logos etc.

For industry professionals we can support and enhance your existing services by providing raw footage that you can edit and include in your ground work to create a complete package for your customers.

As a licensed operator we have stringent procedures and checklists in place to ensure each job is carried out safely and with privacy in mind. These would include but not be limited to:

  • Carrying out Risk and Job Safety Assessments.
  • Notifying local and aviation authorities and adjoining property owners where required.
  • Use of signage during the operation.
  • Spotters/Observers on site to assist the flight controller.

Each property, project, sales campaign is unique and therefore priced according. Please contact use to obtain a free no-obligation quote for your next project, campaign or event.


Aerial View Photography Pty Ltd and our personnel hold the following certificates:

  • UAV Operator’s Certificate
  • UAV Controller Certificate
  • Aircraft Radiotelephone Operator Certificate of Proficiency

Please note, it is illegal to operate an RPA commercially without CASA certification and an unlicensed operator and the entity engaging them are subject to prosecution by law. An unlicensed operator would also not be able to acquire the necessary insurance for this type of work.

The Caloundra Area

Located at the southern end of the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Caloundra boasts a unique and desirable way of life. With the sparkling waters of Pumicestone Passage, spectacular coastline, sandy beaches, boutique restaurants and coffee shops, Caloundra is the ideal destination for an active outdoor lifestyle.

Aerial photography captures that uniqueness which resinates in the heart of ever resident that calls this location home.

How To Get In Touch

We would love to hear from you. Whether it be to obtain a quote, answer a query or to give us some feedback on our services.

It’s easy to contact us at Aerial View Photography. Simply fill out the contact form below, email or phone on the details provided.

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